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Welcome to MezurX and thank you for visiting our website. MezurX provides innovative and high value solutions to the drilling industry. Please find out more by going to our Products and Services below or to About Us.

X-OMEGA - Flow and Density Out

  • Overcomes shortcomings of coriolis systems
  • Compact size and less intrusive, lower-cost installation
  • Rugged and reliable sensor technology
  • Sensors do not require cleaning or flushing
  • No moving parts

X-OMEGA Flow and Density Out

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FADS - Fluid Anomaly Detection System™

  • Higher sensitivity level for kick detection than conventional methods, providing earlier warning
  • Lower threshold for detecting fluid influxes than conventional systems, sees influxes that would be otherwise missed
  • Accuracy has detected fluid entries up to 4+ hours ahead of other methods, reducing risk

FADS Warning Detection

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Mud SentriX™

  • Provides high value data and improves quality of drilling fluid management while drilling
  • Improves hole cleaning and wellbore integrity
  • Reduces wellbore risk and improves ability to contain kicks
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