FADS - Fluid Anomaly Detection System™

A highly sensitive early kick detection system that identifies a range of critical mud flow anomalies.

Surpassing Traditional Early Kick Detection Systems

FADS provides the earliest indicators of fluid anomalies, over a large range of operating conditions. High reliability of data is achieved with dedicated PLC hardware and modern bus communication network with robust sensors.

Don't accept a solution which is unreliable, insensitive to low flows, complex and costly to install.

FADS Detection Animation

Key Features and Benefits

  • Provides earlier warnings of flow anomalies compared to pit volume and other measurements
  • Detects both early kick conditions and excessive fluid loss conditions
  • Detects flow anomalies during breaks in circulation and also while drilling.
  • Operates over a large range of flow rates (<5 gpm to > full range of most drilling rigs), mud weights, mud types and temperatures
  • Intelligent Display Switching automatically provides operators with relevant information at key times
  • Intelligent Alarm Settings automatically adjust in response to changing well conditions and pump rates
  • Options for unmanned and manned operations are available.
  • Minimal intrusions required to install on most rigs, eliminating need to make extensive modifications.
  • Robust sensors have no moving parts and require minimal maintenance.

More Information

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» Normal Flow Back

Normal flow back – historical data and variations from expected results can generate warnings. Very sensitive kick detection while making connections and breaks in circulation can reduce risk while pumps are off.

» Flow Back Warning

Flow back warning – The highly sensitive measuring system has demonstrated that it can reduce risk by detecting flow backs and ballooning up to many hours ahead of other systems. This pending event was detected 4+ hours ahead of other frequently used methods, providing valuable advance warning of approaching risky drilling conditions. .

» Abnormal Flow Back

Abnormal flow back - Earliest detection is possible ahead of other known of conventional kick detection systems due to type and position of measurements. This event was not detected by a conventional kick detection system..

» Early Gas Detection

Early gas detection – MezurX’s early kick detection system

has seen breakout gas up to 5 minutes ahead of other 3rd party gas logging systems, providing valuable safety benefits .

System Overview

The key components of FADS include:

  • Robust and accurate flow sensors for measuring Flow In and Flow Out.
    • Flow In sensors typically located at mud pump inlets
    • Flow Out sensor locations are determined based on rig design
  • Centralised server
    • aggregates data from the MezurX sensors as well as 3rd party data providers using WITS0, WITSML, OPC and other protocols
    • considers drilling activity changes in calculation of alarm calculations, and
    • logs data to an historian for subsequent review, analysis and reporting
  • Distributed Real-Time screens for key rig personnel
    • Audio and visual alarms
    • Multiple pre-configured displays to provide key data for decision making