Our Solutions

MezurX has a range of products and services to provide early kick detection and reduce risk of uncontrolled wells.


Flow and Density Out

  • Innovative smart sensor for measuring flow and density of fluids during drilling operations
  • Overcomes shortcomings of coriolis systems
  • Rugged and reliable sensor technology
  • Maintains accuracy even in presence of substantial levels of cuttings and/or gas
  • Large internal passageways to accommodate high flow rates without blockage
  • Sensors do not require cleaning or flushing
  • Compact size and less intrusive, lower-cost installation
  • High pressure and temperature ratings for use on HPHT wells
  • No moving parts
  • Resistant to abrasive wear
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X-OMEGA Flow and Density Out

FADS - Fluid Anomaly Detection System™

  • Higher sensitivity level for kick detection than conventional methods, providing earlier warning
  • Lower threshold for detecting fluid influxes than conventional systems, sees influxes that would be otherwise missed
  • Accuracy has detected fluid entries up to 4+ hours ahead of other methods, reducing risk
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Mud SentriX™

  • Provides high value data and improves quality of drilling fluid management while drilling
  • Improves hole cleaning and wellbore integrity
  • Reduces wellbore risk and improves ability to contain kicks
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MezurX Support Options

Our products are designed to operate with minimal human intervention or maintenance. You can choose to have our systems supported by our remote access 24/7 worldwide support staff, or through dedicated MezurX support personnel based on the rig.