Technology and Resources

MezurX’s research and engineering resources are located at our facilities in Brisbane, Australia.

MezurX Drilling Simulator

Drilling Simulator

A drilling surface facilities simulator was constructed and sited at the MezurX R&D Drill Centre near Brisbane, Australia in 2008.

The simulator has proven to be invaluable for testing concepts and refining instrumentation prior to going to the field.

The simulator is capable of circulating flow through a full-scale well head section (including riser, bell nipple, rotating drill pipe, and return flowline) with multiple water-based muds up to 20 ppg at rates above 1000 gpm.

An extensive instrumentation and control system monitors over 1000 specific variables at sub-second intervals, including pressures, temperatures, densities, masses, tank volumes, flow rates, pump speeds, and online mud rheology. Test profiles are automated which allows rapid investigations to be conducted under controlled and repeatable conditions.

Flow Meters

Significant research has been undertaken into means of providing accurate, robust and cost effective means of measuring drilling fluid flows, both into and out of drilling wells.

As a result of this research, MezurX has developed and implemented novel flow monitoring devices suitable for installation directly at the mud pumps (for Flow In measurements), and on the bell nipple and return flow line (for Flow Out measurements).

MezurX has been awarded numerous patents covering our core IP.